old-printing-pressAn integrated Gospel literature, discipleship and church planting plan

Years ago missionary Milton Martin began to include a card with every tract he distributed offering free bible educational material. The result was that for every 120 tracts distributed he received a request for discipleship material. In some nations a request was received for every 26-30 tracts. The tract was no longer simply a gospel message – it became an invitation to learn more about Christ. As the people completed the lessons, letters began to arrive asking him to come to their village or town and start a Baptist church there. Thus, tract distribution followed up with discipleship material ‘prepared the way’ for church planting. The long term result was that Bro. Martin saw the establishment of over 300 Independent Baptist churches during his missionary career. These churches are starting other churches, sending missionaries, and have even bought the equipment for a printing ministry in Mexico – without the need for any US funds.  He never built a building for them, he never paid rent; instead he used his missionary funds to propagate the Gospel and required those requesting churches to provide their own meeting place.  In doing so he reached 100 million people with the Gospel.

By printing and distributing tracts he spread the Gospel and an offer of free discipleship material

By mailing discipleship studies he educated the hungry and identified the faithful

By Planting churches where he was requested he began with faithful men and engaged in personal discipleship with men who could eventually lead that infant church

Outline of our plan for literature printing distribution:

Mass distribution of the Gospel by using Gospel tracts & secular publications.
Distribution of discipleship literature to all those who are asking for it.
Following up with a church planting team where the seed finds good soil.

The use of Gospel literature to reach the world

It is estimated that there are 2.88 billion people in the world who have not yet heard nor have the ability to hear the Gospel even once. These are people who live in parts of the world with NO Gospel witness. Billions more live in areas with a Gospel witness but have yet to personally hear a clear Gospel presentation. If a missionary personally preached the Gospel to 50 people a day, and we immediately sent 250 missionaries into the world, it would still take 631 years just to tell the people who are unreached. This does not consider the over 4 billion people in regions classified as ‘reached’ who also have never heard the Gospel. If those same missionaries each started 10 churches in their lives and each church personally presented the Gospel to 1000 people a year – and all of this was in place TODAY – it would take 1152 years for those 2500 churches to reach 2.88 billion people. Even if those 2500 churches personally presented the Gospel to 10,000 people each year it would take over 115 years to reach 2.88 billion people. The use of Gospel literature is an effective solution to this problem. Not only can the gospel be propagated, but discipleship material and Bible study material can be printed. The need is so great – but more than that the hunger for the printed page is huge across much of the world.

The Printed Page is a Missionary

The gospel in print is a "missionary". It neither flinches nor shows cowardice. It is never tempted to compromise. It neither tires, nor grows discouraged. It travels cheaply and requires no hired hall. It works while others sleep. It never loses its temple. It continues to minister long after the present generation has passed on. The gospel in print is effective. It gains entrance to both the lowly hut and the lofty palace. It speaks to a man at the right time, only when he is reading it. It sticks to what it says and never answers back. It reaches those who otherwise might never be reached. It carries the only authoritative answers. It points the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ. The gospel in print is far-reaching.
Through reading a tract, Russell H. Conwell was led to Christ. A pamphlet . . . fell into the hands of John Bunyan, and by this means he was converted. Pilgrim's Progress came from his pen, and through that excellent work thousands were saved. This missionary - the gospel in print - should have the prayerful support of every Christian. Those who make it possible become Missionaries of the Printed Page.

- Author Unknown